The connection between coaching and results is proven time and time again in top industries across North America. The improvement in results and quality of life are mirrored in numerous studies citing up to 300% or greater improvements! There is a reason the elite in our industry maintain coaches and mentors throughout their careers and often claim this support is the very reason they were able to reach such heights in top production amongst so much competition.

It’s simple. Having someone with 100% vested interest in your success works. It holds you accountable and ensures you are aware of your accomplishments, your strengths, and your weaknesses. Combine that with a proven system to deliver results in your business instantly and you have a perfect formula for success. Of course, those with the highest success also bring something to this winning equation: They are willing to follow their Coach’s lead.

If you are willing to commit to your success now by trying a sample coaching call you can expect a taste of the benefits below until you make your final decision.

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There is a strong link between results and a commitment to not only learning but consistently being accountable to implement
Studies have shown that “teams without coaching support increased their productivity by 35%, while those with Coach support recorded 300% or greater improvement.” (The Role of the Agile Coach by Allan Kelly)
Being accountable means that you are committed. That you will achieve the results you promised. Too many people avoid being accountable by blaming circumstances. (Blaming others or circumstances is simply excusing yourself.) So much so that execution and accountability are a competitive advantage. The Rare Ones are those that get things done and end up defining the marketplace. (Robin Sharma)
If there’s one thing truly successful people know, it’s that “dreaming” about success is only the beginning. You must take action. That’s first. Next, you need somebody who’s been there before to guide you with a proven system.
The most common trait amongst Realtors that allows them to consistently do better than their peers is leverage:
Leveraging time, technology or marketing. The top Realtors have one of these things working for them, maybe two, but very few have all three. You cannot argue one’s numbers when they are producing more with less time and less effort, and using the best technology to produce mass leads and converting them.
Our mind is limited to our own understanding and beliefs, only focusing on what we know allows us to be limited. Which means we must seek other avenues and have an open mind. This coaching program is tried and tested to build successful real estate teams.
Poor communication is the number one reason for failure in any industry, and yet communication alone does not produce results. It is the ability to influence key traits to create a successful Realtor. This is still meaningless without integrity and true caring for clients.
We need to expose the bottom line with a focus on net money. Most people base success on the numbers, but we believe in net numbers.
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