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We pride ourselves on delivering the latest in business building content for anyone from brokerages and individual agents to mega powerhouse teams. Actively coaching top producers and teams across North America gives us a unique insight into what divides the elite in our industry from the rest of the pack. As these top producers implement refined and proven Systems they have catapulted their business to the number one spots in their area. Having teams double and quadruple their sales after implementing our tools is a feat few coaching companies can attest to. The exponential growth of duplicating a sales force and increasing their efficiencies up to 14 times that of an average agent in their area is unprecedented in our industry.

With a proven track record of clients and teams doing 800 plus deals, Our is well equipped to deliver the content and tools your conference or office looks to deliver. One of the areas where we excel is online lead generation & conversion systems. We offer a unique approach to make this process profitable and we have a track record of teams doing up to 50% (sometimes more) of their business from online sources.

Every presentation is customized to our audience and delivered by our highly trained professionals or our CEO and owner Kathleen Black. We insist on a personalized approach sharing information that we are currently experiencing and finding to be impactful because it works for us and our clients in today’s market.

DPTS Event Vancouver
Powerhouse Speaker

Shockingly honest, Kathleen has the unique ability of bringing together multiple ideas and truths to create a shift in perspective. She marvels at the chance to experience a journey with her audience and take a peek at what could be. Whatever that may be, whether in business, systems, team development, recruitment, personality profiling, NLP, top performance, sales systems, wisdom and consulting versus “the sales pitch”, or wherever her latest inspiration has taken her, Kathleen is sure to excite you with a glimpse of your potential and the possibilities that follow.

Business Experience

As a speaker Kathleen draws from an extensive background in coaching and training both individuals and teams, on mindset and top performance. Her passion and energy are evident in every talk she gives, and her most admired attribute is by far her level of caring for your success, and the ability to transform your life into whatever vision you seek.

If one thing has helped Kathleen stand out and forge forward from the crowd, it is the value of a vested interest in her clients, whether they are coaching or attending a talk. Her no nonsense approach cuts to the core of the topics she discusses with set action items to leave with a change, not just a laugh, and of course both would be perfect!

Examples of Sessions Offered
Get your team, office and/or agents motivated
The Power of Leverage Through Teams
Real estate sales representatives have a long list of duties in their job description. This list is growing rapidly in today’s new market, leading to problems for many sales representatives in trying to keep up. How can you get back to doing what you love and stop being weighed down by activities that are not your strengths?

The solution is leverage. This session will help you discover if this is the right time to grow your business on your strengths, and be honest about possible weakness stagnating your growth.

TEAMS: Explode Your Business
The topic of “Real Estate Teams” seems to be one of the great divides amongst Realtors. Love them or hate them but “Teams are the Future of Real Estate.” The question is whether you are going to start a team, strengthen the one you have, or join one.

Learn the critical steps proven to build your team the right way. Leverage the strength of others with tried, tested, and true systems allowing our team to sell 500 homes this year. Experience exponential growth while building your own Real Estate Powerhouse!

We Are Our Habits

Many have argued that habits are our destiny, as they dictate character. And yet cultivating new habits is one of the greatest challenges facing professionals in any industry today. In our dynamic, deadline-driven, busy lives it can seem next to impossible to focus our energy on our most productive tasks. This session is designed to provide you with the latest research on choosing your optimal habits and structuring them effortlessly as your path to success.

TEAMS: Commissions, Motivation, Success!

What is the ultimate value you can provide to them so they can make much more money in much less time? It is important to set up a commission structure to help you leverage your team and for them to leverage the team in return. Create an environment where you can your team members can net the most at the end of the year! Garner insights from a team that made their goals a reality.

Video Examples
See Kathleen in action in the following videos

Team Summit 2014 Keynote Speaker

Webcast Example

Accomplishments & Accreditations
  • NLP Certified Master Coach
  • NLP Certified Practitioner
  • Applied Behavioural Kinesiology
  • Human Potential Life Map Core Trainer
  • DISC Personality Profile Trainer
  • Representational Systems & Buying Strategies (NLP)
  • DISC Personality Profile ‎Trainer’s Trainer
  • BA Hons Degree in Psychology & Women’s Studies
  • Elite Coach
  • ‎Top 1 Percent Durham Real Estate Board and Toronto Real Estate Board for Sales Production (2008-2011)
Recent Speaking Engagements
  • RealtorQuest‎ – May 2015
  • XLR8 Conference Sutton West Coast – October 2014
  • DPTS Workshop Vancouver – June 2015
  • DPTS Workshop Calgary – June 2015
  • Advanced Personality Profiling Seminar – January 30th, 2015
  • Homelife Miracle – January 29th, 2015
  • DPTS Team Summit Keynote 2014: “Titans or Tribes: Changing the Way You Look at Real Estate”
  • DPTS Team Summit 2013: “Transformational Leadership”
  • Girls Day Out: Charity Event for Girls Inc. 2013: “Authenticity, Rebellion, and Personal Power”
  • Royal LePage Professionals – Brokerage Training 2013
  • Century 21 Leading Edge – Brokerage Training 2013
  • Royal LePage Meadowtowne – Brokerage Training 2013
  • Team Summit 2012:“Why Splits Don’t Work”, “Consultant’s Approach to Price and Fee”, “Converting More Leads into Face to Face Appointments”, “Vision, Values, and Goals”
  • Team Summit Keynote 2011: “What Works as a Top Producer but Causes Chaos as a Team Leader”, “Positioning Yourself as More than a Salesperson”, “Convert 98% of Buyers to Loyal Clients”
  • Team Summit 2010: “Million Dollar Listing Presentation”
Speaking Topics
  • “Titans or Tribes: Changing the Way You Look at Real Estate”
  • “Wisdom: The Consultant’s Approach to Communicating Value in Competitive Markets”
  • “Maximise Online Conversion: How to Turn Cold Online Leads into Loyal Clients”
  • “The Consultant’s Approach”
  • “Teams: Explode Your Business!”
  • “Teams: Commissions, Motivation, Success!”
  • “Transformational Leadership”
  • “Authenticity, Rebellion, and Personal Power”
  • “Why Splits Don’t Work”
  • “Consultant’s Approach to Price and Fee”
  • “Converting More Leads into Face to Face Appointments”
  • “Vision, Values, and Goals”
  • “What Works as a Top Producer but Causes Chaos as a Team Leader”
  • “Positioning Yourself as More than a Salesperson”
  • “Convert 98% of Buyers to Loyal Clients”
  • “Priority Focus: Why Time Management Doesn’t Work!”
  • “Millennials & Real Estate: Fact and Fiction”
  • “Effective Communication: What are the Right Words Worth?”
  • “Leadership: Why Consultant’s Lead Themselves First”
  • “Harmonize Your Life and Increase Profits Without Burning Out!”
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