Would you like to learn the scripting systems used by Real Estate’s top teams? Are you curious how they are able to convert up to 60% of their deals from cold pay per click sources? Would you like to increase your confidence when speaking to ANY potential client? Have you calculated what how much poor conversion could be costing you in your business? Imagine if you are losing out on as much business as you are serving?

When working with massive marketing budgets and overall investments into the business, the bar is raised significantly on what you expect in returns.That is the level of efficiency and performance we want to share with you. The difference in training systems results in tens of thousands in gains monthly for those having mastered our systems working with online leads alone, with a minimal return keeping others hanging on. This explains why some companies report 80% of agents quit purchasing online leads over 6 months, while a slim few access a largely untouched source of potential clients looking and wanting information and guidance, not a pushy salesperson.

This means a return 10 times greater for your marketing dollars, and provides you access to the very systems allowing our clientele to sell up to 60% of their deals from online sources alone (including clientele selling over 400 homes a year!)
Some of these teams having grown from 27 transactions to over 250 in 3.5 years!
An increase in commissions earned from $200,000 to over $1.8 million!!

They did this making profitable investments in online lead gen and using the very systems you are able to access with “Flip Scripts”!

Another team worked with us to go from a brand new team of approximately 100 deals to 204 deals in 2 years.. The numbers speak for themselves.

These are actual results using our systems and training in recent years.

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