"Elite Business Builder" Training Series

Real Estate training with Kathleen Black (testimonial)

How Brokers Benefit

Our Consulting is giving many brokerages across North America the edge when it comes to in-house training & recruiting and providing your agents with the tools they need to not only succeed in your marketplace but to dominate it.

Agents who have used our systems and gone through our training are vastly outperforming average agents on local real estate boards. Wouldn’t you like to bring that type of success and those results to your brokerage?

With our power-packed series we deliver a tried, tested, and true model for your agents to grow their business to any level they desire and this helps your bottom line, not only because they are producing more, but because you are providing these tools for them, retention is higher.

How Agents Benefit

If you have ever wondered how the best achieve results unimagined by others, the answer is simple: modelling success! The time required to learn and implement is reduced drastically when modelling the success of others versus taking extensive time in research and development.

This power-packed series will deliver you a tried, tested, and true model to grow your business to any level you desire. Agents who have mastered our training systems experience a return 7 times greater than the average agent. Those are proven results that are hard to argue with.

This training program was designed to offer intensive training to those committed to their success and is designed to quickly create maximum results for your business.

Level One

Level One consists of 9 half-day sessions (or 4 full-day sessions) where we cover how to build a strong business foundation. Topics include:

  • Vision, Values & Goals
  • Why Use a Buyer Presentation & What to Include
  • The Consultant’s Approach – Become a Market Facilitator
  • Buying Strategies & Representational Systems
  • Lead Conversion 101
  • The Key to Higher Production & Happy Clients
  • Segmented Selling
  • Priority Focus
Level Two

Level Two goes into some of our more advanced training techniques and topics and we’ll take you through hands-on the scripts & tools to use on a daily basis. Topics include:

  • The Key to Successful Goals & People
  • Million Dollar Buyer Presentation (we give you our proven presentation to customize)
  • The “Why” Behind our Lead Conversion Techniques
  • Effective Communication
  • Advanced Techniques to Convert 9 out of 10 Buyers to Clients
  • Simple 4-Step Closing Concept
  • Leading the Client
  • The Energetic Life Map

Once you have completed Level 2 training, you will receive a completion certificate (certain conditions apply), as well as our Million Dollar Buyer Presentation, and the opportunity for exclusive access to our Million Dollar Listing Presentation.

This is one of many training programs we can bring to your brokerage. Our training programs can be customized to your specific needs. We have advanced levels of training as well once these basic techniques have been mastered. Be sure to contact us for more information and we will be happy to customize a program for you or your office.

“What takes one 10 years to create and perfect takes others only 2 years to mimic.”

Our “Elite Business Building” Training Series represents the ultimate in mastering real estate systems, and advanced top producer mentalities. Why spend extensive time, money & resources in research and development, when proven systems that are creating massive returns already exist?

This training series is designed to cultivate the potential of every Realtor to create a solid business foundation. Only from this perspective can we build our business to a capability of true leverage and strength.

If you find yourself working to just keep up with personal & business expenses and real estate has become “just a job” instead of a viable business, then this training will change the way you look at real estate from here on. A real business considers how to best create profits, growth, residual income and, if necessary, an exit strategy. We excel at teaching you just how to do that with success you have only dreamed of, resulting in a return 7 times greater than the average agent by those who have mastered our systems.

Testimonials from Brokers & Agents
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