Join us Tuesday, December 5th, 2017 for

KBCC Team Leader Budget & Business Planning Workshop

Where: 58 Rossland Road W, Oshawa from 9-5pm

The business planning process is a vital component of any successful team. This full-day Intensive will take you through the importance of culture, vision, values, mission statements, and explore a full Business Plan, Budget, and Strategy to Monitor Profit & Loss, Dashboard Tracking, and more.

The teams with the most comprehensive plan roles out high-quality systems and changes with greater ease, and FAR greater results over time. The metrics of year-to-year growth can be misleading when the inner trajectory of your business platform is stagnant or complacent. Get in tune with your investment versus growth predictions and ensure you are safeguarding your business for long-term success.

Every business owner makes choices about what they will invest in and why however very few do this in a strategic orchestrated manner. The master of the details will be the master of the margins, and we want to ensure you have the edge to succeed far beyond 2018!